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Current projects


  • 2014-2017
  • European Project (FP7)

The project eartH2Observe brings together the findings from European FP projects DEWFORA, GLOWASIS, WATCH, GEOWOW and others. It will integrate available global earth observations (EO), in-situ datasets and models and will construct a global water resources re-analysis dataset of significant length (several decades).

The resulting data will allow for improved insights on the full extent of available water and existing pressures on global water resources in all parts of the water cycle.

The project will support efficient and globally consistent water management and decision making by providing comprehensive multi-scale (regional, continental and global) water resources observations.

It will test new EO data sources, extend existing processing algorithms and combine data from multiple satellite missions in order to improve the overall resolution and reliability of EO data included in the re-analysis dataset.

The usability and operational value of the developed data will be verified and demonstrated in a number of case-studies across the world that aim to improve the efficiency of regional water distribution. The case-studies will be conducted together with local end-users and stakeholders.

Regions of interest cover multiple continents, a variety of hydrological, climatological and governance conditions and differ in degree of data richness (e.g. the Mediterranean and Baltic region, Ethiopia, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh).

In this project, I participate in the Mediterranean case study. The case study will focus on two Mediterranean countries which can be considered as data-rich (Spain) and data-poor (Morocco). It will be determined how the global EO products and model results can contribute to drought prediction and management. Data products and tools for operational water management will be developed for both countries.

I also will collaborte in the organisation of eartH2Observe stakeholder sessions in the annual HyMeX workshops.

The eartH2Observe data will be disseminated though an open data Water Cycle Integrator portal to ensure increased availability of global water resources information on both regional and global scale. The data portal will be the European contributor to the existing GEOSS water cycle platforms and communities. Project results will be actively disseminated using a combination of traditional methods (workshops, papers, website and conferences) and novel methods such as E-learning courses and webinars that promote the use of the developed dataset.

Past projexts

The Geophysical Observatory of Livingston Island (Antarctica)

  • 2011-2014.
  • Spanish Plan Nacional de I+D.

The Observatori de l'Ebre is very active on the Spanish base in Antarctica making ionospheric and geomagnetic observations. This is not my main theme of research, but I help my colleagues of the Ebro Observatory.


  • 2010-2013.
  • Project financed by the Catalan Government.

The aim of the SMOScat project is to disaggregate SMOS soil moisture in order to provide soil moisture maps at high spatial resolution (up to 500m). In this project, I will use the SURFEX land-surface model to simulate the soil-moisture in Catalonia. Then, we will do an intercomparison between the satellite product, the simulation and in-situ observations.


My PhD Thesis included a study of the impact of climate change on French Mediterranean basins. This study was done within the context of CYPRIM, a French project that focused on cyclogenesis and intense precipitation in the Mediterranean region.

Research programs


HyMeX (HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment) aims at a better understanding and quantification of the hydrological cycle and related processes in the Mediterranean, with emphasis on high-impact weather events, inter-annual to decadal variability of the Mediterranean coupled system, and associated trends in the context of global change.

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